HITAM - Testimonials


"Quality in an academic institution is a journey and not a destination. Excellence is a measure of that quality. The overall quality depends on many factors such as the commitment and dedication of faculty as well as students, the clean and modern infrastructure of class rooms and laboratories, the innovation in pedagogy of teaching / learning process and the desire as well as preparedness to improve the curriculum with changing times. I am happy to note that HITAM is striving hard on all these aspects. I am sure that it is achieving excellence because it is continuing with journey of quality.

"HITAM team is able to assemble the best talent of advisers and guides. HITAM is able to provide training and guidance to students for achieving good careers and jobs. HITAM is able to provide all facilities of sports and other amenities to students. HITAM does not believe in commercialization, marketing and massification of higher technical education. Founders have of HITAM have a strong.

"Founders have of HITAM have a strong background of commitment and national pride. I am very confident that with such strong fundamentals and with the new national education policy framework of Government of India, HITAM is emerging as an excellent institution in the state of Telangana".

Prof. Sanjay Dhande
Former Director-IIT, Kanpur

"Visionary leadership, Impresive campus, Enthusiastic faculty. You are poised for success. All the best"

Dr. Gopalkrishna Joshi
Director-CEER, KLETech

"This is an excellent attempt of bringing new standards in the higher education, infastructure and facilities. I wish the institution all the best"

Mrs. Nirmala Sambamurthy
Founder, Ascent Leadership Consultant

"An excellent ambience energetic students and faculty. wish you to guide the energies towards serving society"

Brig. Pogula Ganesham
Founder-Palle Srujana

"It was a pleasure interacting with top management, departmental heads and faculty. The intention to transform & reach greater height is very high. I wish them all the best"

Prof. Ashok S Shettar
Vice Chancellor-KLETech

It is a great initiative by HITAM team. There is absolute need of such programmes in this education system. Brining parents, students and experts on to a single platform is a brilliant idea. All the best to whoever is involved in this initiative.

Co-founder & Head of Operations (A.P), Wisdomkites servies Pvt. Ltd

NOV 2012 Happy to note that HITAM conducted the Engineer’s day in their college by conducting various events like Technical Quiz, Presentation, Essay Writing etc. These events give an opportunity to the students to excel in their capability. I found students to be more proactive. I wish them all the best for their future.

P.S. Krishna Kumar
GM (SLRDC), HAL, Hyderabad

Creation of good environment for learning and knowing any subject possible keep it up.

Additional Joint Collector (Rtd.)

EPICS is doing well here

Mr.William Oakes
701, U.Stadium Ave, West Lafayette, 47907, USA

This is an excellent attempt at bringing new standards in higher education with excellent infrastructure and facilities. I wish the institution all the best.

P. Sambamoorthy
Ascent Consultants

"Congratulations to HITAM for focusing in the innovation process of student-centric approach for engineering education. This original pathway will lead undoubtedly to a better university and to a sustainable development of the region. I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to share a vision of a peace and technology.Keep up the good work of continually improving. "

Dr. Jose Carlos Quadrado
Most recent President of IFEES

Alumini’s Testimonials

HITAM made me what I am. It gave me the foundation for my present stature.

Senior Engineer, QualComm

The education which I got at HITAM has not only helped in my work environment but also in my personal life! I thank all the staff and the management of HITAM who encouraged me throughout. Completing a bachelor degree is a small part of our life long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. I’m now working as FAS Computer Forensic Technician in Deloitte, Hyderabad.

Abhilash U
Computer Forensic Technician, Deloitte

This is where I discovered me and my skills. I can never forget the support from the faculty. I’m missing HITAM. Special thanks to our director Mr. Chowdary, our Secretary Prashanth Reddy, my mentors Mr. Rajeshwar, Mr. Lokeshwar, Mr. M. Gopi, Mrs. Swapna, Mrs. Neelima and Mr. Janardhan for shaping me as a better Individual. Thanks a lot to my family i.e HITAM

Rajasekhar Vajrala
Business Development Manager, VRESUMES

HITAM was just another college when I first entered its portals. Now 7 years later I gratefully acknowledge the value add it has made to my life by grooming me. HITAM gave me a blend of academic learning and practical learning. Looking back, I can say proudly, HITAM is my college

Sameera Vanam
HR Executive, Wavecrest Payment Technology Pvt. Ltd