Our Associates


HITAM has an on-going relationship with industry experts and we owe our presence today to the valuable support extended to us by industry experts who take time off to visit us and mentor our students. This industry-academia connect gives our students practical inputs to help the in doing Engineering. We recall with gratitude their contribution to our present status and look forward to continued support and guidance from them.


Patrons are the people for HITAM to help at all stages of its philosophy, ideas and objectives. Dr. Chukka Ramaiah, popularly known as IIT Ramaiah, is an Indian educationist and MLC of Telangana. He is an acclaimed expert for IIT coaching in mathematics. He is famously known for IIT Study Circle, an IIT-JEE coaching centre at Nallakunta, Hyderabad. He is a mathematician, freedom fighter, erudite scholar and a paragon of virtues. He taught Mathematics at various schools across the Telangana region before retiring as the principal of the AP Residential School, Nagarjuna Sagar in 1983. Chukka Ramaiah authored over 16 books in Telugu, mainly focusing on education like Chinna Paatam, Desadesallo Vidya, etc.,