• Definition

    Setting the highest ethical standards for self and others in everything we do. Our actions, behaviors and conduct must always generate trust and confidence in our stakeholders.
  • Demonstrable / Observable Attributes

    • Is honest and transparent.
    • Challenges status-quo and acts for betterment.
    • Generates high quality work and results.
    • Maintains confidentiality as required.

  • Definition

    Striving to maximize the competence of each student and providing developmental support in helping them realize their true potential.
  • Demonstrable / Observable Attributes

    • Proactively engages with students to understand their needs and aspirations.
    • Drives a learner-centric pedagogy.
    • Provides a ‘career interest’ aligned developmental support.
    • Encourages all-round development of personality and character.

  • Definition

    Deeply interested in and committed to life-long learning. A passion for enhancing one’s knowledge, skills, awareness and understanding in a variety of fields and subjects.
  • Demonstrable / Observable Attributes

    • Is curious, interested and enthusiastic about learning/trying new things.
    • Is open to learn from as many sources.
    • Takes interest in a variety of subjects to broaden understanding and perspective.
    • Sets and achieves learning goals on an on-going basis.

  • Definition

    Holding oneself responsible for making things happen and delivering the expected result/outcome as per set performance criteria.
  • Demonstrable / Observable Attributes

    • Makes and keeps commitments.
    • Takes initiative and volunteers help.
    • Takes ownership for results.
    • Works with a ‘boundaryless’ mindset.
    • Communicates clearly and specifically to set understanding of role and expectations of all parties in the process.

  • Definition

    Being there for each other and holding mutual accountability till the goal is achieved.
  • Demonstrable / Observable Attributes

    • Is flexible to adapt one’s role to the changing demands of the situation.
    • Is willing to go the extra mile.
    • Gives priority to Team interest and welfare over own comfort.
    • Pushes self and others to deliver faster, better and superior results.

  • Definition

    Going beyond the physical boundaries of the campus to make impactful contribution to community and society needs at large.
  • Demonstrable / Observable Attributes

    • Engages with the community to understand their problems and needs.
    • Is enthusiastic about ‘engineering solutions.
    • Participates and contributes to planned community development initiatives.
    • Encourages and involves others to contribute and make a difference.