National Academy of Engineering – Grand Challenges Scholars Program


is now

"GCSP" Member

3rd College in India to become GCSP Member

1st in Telangana State to become GCSP Member

*12 Multidisciplinary Project *


To nurture the students to become competitive, innovative and carry out research in advanced fields of Engineering and solve societal problems

Objectives of GCSP

  • Create new capabilities
  • Provide pragmatic solutions for basic human needs
  • Develop new entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Reinvent human interactions
  • Transform systems thinking
  • Be the architects of a sustainable society
  • Be mindful of unintended consequences
  • Connect technology with society
  • Interact with non-engineering partners
  • Design and implement context-sensitive solutions

GCSP 2020-2021

GCSP HITAM Office Members

  • GCSP Director – Dr. K Siva Prasad, Asst.Director Doing Engineering
  • GCSP Steering Committee -
    • Mr. Surendra Bandi, Associate Professor
    • Mr. Santosh Naik, Assistant Professor
    • Mrs. Hema Mahajan, Assistant Professor

GCSP Poster Presentation is Organized on 31 March 2021