EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Services)

EPICS is a unique program in which teams of undergraduates are designing, building, and deploying real systems to solve engineering-based problems for community service and education organizations. EPICS was founded at Purdue University in Fall 1995 and has since spread to a diverse group of Universities in the United States and abroad, as well as to a number of k12 programs.

HITAM has adapted EPICS program from Purdue University, USA. Students from multiple disciplines have registered. Every semester students are identifying problems from the community and solving their problem by providing engineering solution.


IEEE-EPICS has started its pilot in India with 7 colleges from Telengana & AP and HITAM is the only affiliated college in INDIA who got MoU with IEEE-EPICS & Purdue University.

  • Azeem Unnisa has been awarded as EPICS Outstanding Leadership 2017

    Mrs. Azeem Unnisa is the lady behind success of EPICS in HITAM. She started this initiative in HITAM in 2015. Initially very less students were interested in this program but slowly sheencouraged students for doing engineering rather than studying Engineering. She has established her unique personality in the college. She actively participated and supported each and every student in their project work. This success of her is not her fate; it is her continuous and committed love for hard work.

    RTI Certificate
  • Students have delivered 5 products to their community partner

    Title:- A New Beginning for Homeless

    Team Member’s:
    SaiBhavani Kumar - 15E51A0581
    Biswojeet Panda - 15E51A0510
    Akshay Kumar - 15E51A0531

    Title:- Holy Knights Of HITAM (HKH)

    Team Member’s:
    Sanjit Singh Chouhan - 14E51A0582
    T Sri Yeswanth - 14E51A0585
    P Asif Khan - 14E51A0567

    Title:- Health Monitoring Device

    Title:- Gesture Based Sensor Device Using GPS and GSM

    Team Member’s:
    SakunthalaVegunta - 14E51A0461
    A.B.Bhavani1 - 4E51A0401
    M.Mallikarjun - 14E51A0441

    Title:- Water Drawing from Well

    Team Member’s:
    D Ram Sameer
    K Lakshmi Narayana
    K Sai Ravi Teja
  • Mrs. AzeemUnnisa and T.Yashwanth have presented paper in WEEF Malaysia

    Paper Title:-“IUCEE –EPICS Initiative: An example of doing engineering at HITAM”

    RTI Certificate

    3 Papers on EPICS project presented in 2nd International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems 19-20 October 2017.

    Paper title: “I2P Air Purifier with Air Quality Monitoring Device” got “best paper award”
    Authors and Co-authors: Manisha Sharma, Ajay Kumar, AbhishekBachhar

    Paper title: “Gesture Based Sensor Device with GPS and GSM Technology for Dumb People”
    Authors and Co-authors: SakunthalaVegunta, A.B.Bhavani, M.Mallikarjun

    Paper title: “Health Monitoring Device “
    Authors and Co-authors: G.Sharanya, C.SaiAbhishek, K.Manikanth Reddy

  • Epics faculty and students presented 7 papers in ICTIEE international conference 2017.

    Paper title: “Design Thinking implementation by faculty through EPICS projects”
    Authors and Co-authors: Santosh Naik, Yakub James, Azeem Unnisa

    Paper title: “Learning by doing from EPICS projects”
    Authors and Co-authors: T.Anitha Kumari, Sunitha Kalle, Azeem Unnisa.

    Paper title: “Human Centred design process of Health Monitoring Device under EPICS”
    Authors and Co-authors: Sharanya Reddy, Azeem Unnisa.

    Paper title: “Project under Epics I2P air purifier for an old age home”
    Authors and Co-authors: Manisha Sharma,Ajay Kumar,Abhishek bacchar,Azeem Unnisa.

    Paper title: “Research in progress: Epics programs implementation as a lab for first year to incorporate design experience”
    Authors and Co-authors: Hema latha chengala,Azeem Unnisa.

    Paper title: Learning in EPICS”
    Authors and Co-authors: M.Sravani,Subhani Ali,Azeem Unnisa.

    Paper title: “Gesture Based Sensor Device with GPS and GSM Technology for Dumb People”
    Authors and Co-authors: Sakunthala Vegunta, A.B.Bhavani, M.Mallikarjun.

  • Students and EPICS faculty have presented 15 posters in ICTIEE-2017

    Students and EPICS faculty have presented 15 posters in ICTIEE-2017 at Noida and Madhurai, in which EPICS faculty SunithaKalle, AzeemUnnisa, Kiran Kumar and Ashish kumar Singh have got 2nd prize for “BEST POSTER PRESENTATION”.

    Title: “Head support To Wheel Chair”.
  • 6 Epics faculty are certified by design thinking course

    • Azeem Unnisa - Certified by distinction
    • M Sravani
    • Santosh Naik
    • T AntihaKumari
    • Ch Hemalatha
    • K Sunitha

S.No. Project Title Members Community Partners Description

S.Arjun (CSE)

P.Sumanth (CSE)

N.Rahul (CSE)

Grama Sarpanch - Bahadurpally
1. Administrative Problem
2. Lack of cordial relation between officials and people.

The above two problems can be solved by proper communication between govt officials and the public.
This can be solved by using proper medium to communicate between officials and people.

Solution:- People living especially in Rural Areas are not aware of government schemes.

To eliminate the gap between the Govt and Citizens we can install a DIGITAL NOTICE BOARD in most crowded places and junctions in village.
2 LibryEd. M. Sai kaushik Yadav (CSE)

Paritosh Srivastava (CSE)

P.L. Sai Vinay (CSE)
Mr. Narayan Rao who is working in HITAM college as Librarian. The librarian has a problem to track the books lend to the Students/Faculty and remind them to submit the books before/on the due date.

1) Real time tracking of books.
2) Notification alert in order to remind the due date of books taken.
3)In/Out time Log.
3 Wireless PID Alarm Abhishek Bachhar (ECE)

Ajay Kumar (ECE)

Sundeep Chekuri (ECE)

Manisha (ECE)
Dr. Srinivas, owner of “Happy Old Age Home Being a doctor, Mr. Srinivas needs the best way for attending his patients depending on their request in the case of emergency and also status of his patient’s condition whenever he is not available in his old age home.

1)Deals with patient and doctor directly.
2)Level of seriousness is also mentioned.
3)Alarm turns OFF only when doctor attends the patient.
4)Room number is mentioned along with bed number.
5)Intimation is provided in module as well as in doctor’s phone.
4 Hybrid sewing machine B.Pavan kumar (Mech)

CH.Prashanth (Mech)

Santhosh rushi (Mech)

M.Nitheesh kumar (Mech)
M.RAMADEVI More effort will be applied on pedal while stitching clothes.

In rural areas there will be a problem of electricity.

1) Dynamo section converts mechanical energy to the electrical energy.
2) That electrical energy that is stored in the battery is used to run the machine without any human efforts.
3) To reduce the strain of community partner
5 XiOTRA Ashwitha.D(CSE)

Sai bhavani kumar(CSE)

Nikitha J.N.S(CSE)

Azeem Unnisa working as assistant professor in ECE dept in HITAM college. Every student believes in remembering the formulas instead of understanding the root cause of the formulas and often end up burning the oil at midnights(mugging up).

1) This project aims at providing anapplication with the simplest interface and finest content with enormously vast amount of formulas.
2) The student can use this application to browse through different categories of formula and understand every formula by watching interactive videos, animations , games and can understand their progress through the assessments
6 Free Electricity through Sports Ashwitha.D (CSE)

Sai bhavani kumar(CSE)

Nikitha J.N.S(CSE)

Mr. B.Veera Reddy working as physical Director To achieve proper electricity in the equipment room, while enhancing the skills of the players.

In this project we are generating electrical power as non-conventional method by simply utilizing the energy of the football player on the field. The energy could be harvested and utilized for other activities. This project aims at harvesting the energy out of the effort put by the players on the field.
7 V R There Akshay Kumar (CSE)

Honesh Kaustub Reddy (CSE)

Biswojeet Panda (CSE)

Pratap Chowdary (CSE)
Mrs.Yasashwini working as Assistant Professor in H&S dept in HITAM college 1) A Platform where students can practice and improve communication skills.
2)Need An Virtual environment where they can practice English communication on demand.

To achieve a way by which student can improve their communication skills by new innovative teaching methodologies while having fun.



CDC department of HITAM College 1) The client wants to devise a system to assess the various skills of the students in both technical and non technical skills and help the students with required recommendations that can help them improve their skills.
2) And also platform to analyze and determine the student’s development before and after the trainings to understand the student growth.

1) Since the system will need the data that can help in categorizing the skills of the student and can help by giving him the guidance of various available resources that can help him in getting better at the given skills.
2) Also it is preferred to link the process continually to database to help in the successive tracking of student performance as well.



Barber(Disabled) Helps the people who find difficulty in moving due to their physical disability Can operate both on joystick and voice.
10 The Atom Health Monitoring Device C.Sai Abhishek(ECE)

A.Bala Krishna(ECE)

k.Manikanth Reddy(ECE)

G.Praveen Yadav(ECE)
Madhubabu Chikkile YOUTH FOR SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY ORG. While conducting health camps people who have different kind of disesases to chek Temparature, BP, ECG machines carrying with them is difficult.

To over come this problem we are providing portable machine which containes all the machines.
11 Tutorinfo D.Lakshmi Sindhu priya(CSE)


Sravani mam(HITAM) It Is a website which is useful for students and tutors where tutors login into this page who want the students and students who get logged into it can find tutors with their personal details so they can get communicated.It is the easy way to find the student for a tutor who is willing to teach
12 Patients database Sakshi Bajoria(CSE)


Durga Harika.Uddagiri(CSE)

Sai Jyothi.Unnam(CSE)
Dr.Rajini There is an old age home named CR Foundation at Kondapur Hyderabad . A Nurse will be there along with the patients every time who is actually facilitated by care hospitals .nurse will be maintaining the details of the patients manually in the record , but the problem here is doctor will be available only from 10:am to 4:pm whenever an emergency occurs the nurse has to call the doctor and enquire about the medicines which has to be given. Instead of that we are creating a website which would reduce manual work and also it will be easy to know what are the medicines prescribed to the patient previously.
13 Koviz Harsha vardhan

JoJo Joseph


Mr. Rajeshwar, who is Assistant professor in HITAM 70% of students in class won’t be active in the class during the lecture. When faculty tries to ask any question to students after completion of teaching very few answer it. And when faculty gives an assignment, 90% of students write their assignment either by Googling it or copy it from their friends.

This project mainly concentrate on effective involvement of students in class activities.
14 Sahaya Nidhi Rao (CSE)

Charan Reddy (CSE)

Prudhvi Nandigam (CSE)

Charan Chendi (CSE)

Dr. Srinivasulu at HAPPY OLD AGE HOME The organization does not accept cash as a donation This leads to the loss of funds from many interested individuals.

B.Lalitha Yanvitha(CSE)


M.Alekhya Chowdary(CSE)
Mr. Rajeshwar, who is Assistant professor in HITAM Our community partner is Mr.Rajeshwar, professor of Cse Department.As all of us know that creating a timetable is a time-taking process and there will be collisions in that,if it is done manually. In order to solve this type of problems,we are generating an automated time table application.
16 CDC Website Design Vidhya Dhari(CSE)


Sri Lakshmi(CSE)

Suresh(Faculty) Our community partner facing problem to maintain the feedback data and which programs conducted by whom.So our product help them to keep data properly.

I feel epics offered me the best opportunity to develop my skills in community interaction and development. I found that the method of teaching is different from one used to be in the normal classes. Most of my courses dint have hands on aspect. Epics makes sure that the student is comfortable and progressing well in the projects related to community and their needs. With the help of epics I have substantially improve my understanding of community needs very well. Here I enjoyed the freedom to think to express myself and to succeed. I joined epics with completely new thoughts and actually the course was completely new to me I had to manage my academic and the project in epics thanks to college for the support. I got a very huge support from the coordinator and trainee.

Shubham Yadav
II year Computer Science Engineering

The EPICS program has given me the skills that are relevant and extremely important to be able to work in the industry. The EPICS program gave me the ability and the opportunity to understand the importance of having a multidisciplinary and solution oriented approach towards a problem which is often left out in regular course work….

IV year Computer Science Engineering

I had the amazing opportunity to be in EPICS -HITAM for two years in a row. EPICS is a platform where I myself improved both in technically aspects and interpersonal skills. It gave me exposure to the outer world and it helped in learning how to work in a user or customer centric manner. Academic wise this platform filled the gap between the understanding and learning various concepts. I got exposed to new technology and that driven me to be innovative and creative. Doing projects for the user in need gave me satisfaction and wanted to do more EPICS related projects further.

IV year, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Project under EPICS helped in making technical background strong as well as other skills like appropriate selection, interaction with different stakeholders helped in dealing with people of different perspectives, etc. During the whole period of project making rather than just creating, the project was learned & understood…

Manisha Sharma
IV year, Electronics and Communication Engineering

I am glad to say that EPICS program has made my dream come true of shifting the paradigm at our campus from studying engineering to doing engineering. It has given me many opportunities to learn new things and also skills. I got the leadership skills by working on EPICS program, collaborative and cooperative skills by working with a team of faculty on EPICS projects. I was a good faculty but this program has made me a good facilitator, a good coach who can guide the students to follow a process which led to innovations. The program keeps the learner alive in me, as the environment of EPICS at our Campus makes us learn something new every day which gives us courage to face any challenges both for faculty and student

Mrs. Azeem Unnisa
EPICS Coordinator

Being in Epics team I learned how things work efficently. Epics Centre follows a great principle i.e.,-"Doing Engineering is better than Learning Engineering”. The best thing in Epics is the "DESIGN THINKING PROCESS", which helps the students to deliver a product to the Community Partner but not a project

Kothamasu Bhagyasree
III year Electronics and Communication Engineering

“Epics” - It changed my view regarding projects which every one of us does in our course in general. Learning process here is little different yet interesting. It taught me how to observe, understand, think and work on small yet serious problems faced by common people in their lives. Doing projects in EPICS and giving presentations improved my confidence, leadership qualities. I started thinking in a broader way, trying to make a best and affordable product.

III year, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Epics - is once such platform where ideas are converted into real time projects. Survey oriented projects are a key aspect of epics. It helps the student get a clearer picture of what need has to be addressed. Epics have helped me gain good knowledge required to do project.

Aishwarya gopakumar
III year, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Epics – It is a great platform for the students who are willing to learn and showcase their talents. It gave me a great opportunity to work with real time projects which helped me to learn and apply new technologies. The team helped me to understand the common problems between the community partners and to work towards a solution for the same. They also helped me to deal with the clients directly without being hesitant and I could explain about my project. I am glad to be a part of Epics Team.

Sai Bhavani Kumar
IV Year, Computer Science Engineering

EPICS is a wonderful platform for all the young technology enthusiasts to endeavour, build a transformational innovation that would make the society a better place. The EPICS methodology is designed in such a way that it builds confidence, lateral thinking, Leadership abilities, and makes you strong enough to tackle obstacles even in your life. The work process during the EPICS sprints include multiple meetings with your clients, This helps to Improve communication and generates a feeling a compassion towards the community partner and the people associated within. The product you build in the EPICS is really put into use and this fills the heart with immense satisfaction.

So, I really believe EPICS is a platform that can transform young people to be more responsible, work with the community for a better tomorrow

“Join EPICS to be the better you and build a better community around you”

Asif Khan
IV Year, Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Hema Mahajan
  • T.Anitha kumari
  • Shaik Meer Subhani Ali
  • Sravani .M

Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Yakub.B
  • Sunitha .K

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Naresh R

Mechanical Engineering

  • Santosh Naik
  • Kiran kumar. B
  • Hemalatha.CH
  • Asish Kumar Singh