Best Practices

HITAM – Best Practices

Unlike most colleges, HITAM believes that their only objective is just not to help its students secure a degree. Though that is an essential deliverable for any institution, we believe that we cannot confine ourselves to that goal alone, but need to look beyond. HITAM believes that the years spent at its campus by its students are extremely impactful as that period witnesses their transformation from adolescence to adulthood. Therefore, the college constantly endeavours to shape their attitude and personality to help them emerge as remarkable individuals when they leave the portals of this institution.

With a deep understanding of students and faculty mindsets gleaned over a decade, we have devised a set of best practices to promote a culture of continuous learning and winning both among our students and staff. We are sure that these would help them immensely in unraveling their true calling in their journey of life

Affinity Clubs

We have promoted the formation of affinity clubs essentially to bring like-minded individuals together to enhance their interpersonal skills and foster their team spirit. The groups could range from events to communication to idea sharing. Students choose the theme that appeals to them and enroll as members. Senior faculty members facilitate these group events and guide the members in the conduct of various co-curricular and extracurricular activities aligned to the theme chosen by each group. These group activities provide the students a platform to shed their inhibitions, become more self-driven and express themselves confidently in a forum.

  • Events Club
  • Social service Club- Sahaya movement
  • Cultural Club
  • Communication Club
  • Technical Club
  • Eco-Friendly club

All-Year Holistic Development Program

204x7 Active Learning Program has been designed to :

  • Ably complement 7 semesters of curriculum-based learning
  • Effectively address the skill-capability gaps
  • Enhance comprehension of their text book learning through practical problem handling, equipping them better to enter the employment market


In line with our belief ‘all work and enough play’ as the best route to success, we have provided excellent facilities for a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports. Sports enthusiasts have the additional incentive of excellent coaching through qualified guides in respective sports.

Coaching and Counselling

Our well-designed metrics for performance helps us keep tabs on the periodic progress of students. Areas for improvement are not only highlighted both to the students and their parents, but also addressed methodically and promptly.

Bridge Course

Students from the vernacular medium in need of help to improve their spoken and written English can enroll in our Bridge course program during their first year. Their rating pre and post this session become a self revelation to them, helping them move from good to better


One faculty member is entrusted with the responsibility of mentoring each class throughout a semester. His or her area of focus is taking care of attendance, punctuality, discipline and attitudinal aspects of the students.

Online Classes

Students are made conversant with online learning tools via VSAT. First year students enjoy virtual classes by US experts on C Programming with Data Structures. The objective is to align them to emerging technologies and enhance their employability in IT industry.

Digital Classrooms Interactive boards are being installed in our classrooms to digitize standard learning content from JNTUH. As a pilot, to capture feedback from students, we have equipped all first year classrooms with digital tools, and intend extending it to others depending on benefits reaped.

Cloud-based automation system

To support the efficient administration of the college, we have built a unique IT application that manages all the information related to students and the organization. The application is hosted on a dedicated cloud and is available to authorized users 24×7

Organizational Development

Being engaged in the noble task of transforming lives through education, the institution has also factored the need for its self-transformation in the course of its journey. Accordingly, the following organization-wide initiatives have been set rolling.

  • A professional organizational development consultant is engaged for an on-going review of our values, mission and vision and their alignment with our short-term goals and long-term strategy
  • Constant alignment of personal goals of faculty members with the organizational goals to enrich job satisfaction and enhance overall contribution
  • An Executive coach on our Board helps the other members emerge as better leaders
  • Adoption of the highly successful Japanese system of 5S to improve workplace efficiency, ensure safety and uphold high standards of service
  • Opportunities for faculty members to continually enhance their competencies and grow in their careers
  • Continuous soft skills training facilitates better faculty-student connect

Student Self Governance

Once in a semester there will be selections on students self governance team to organize and deliver the classes once in a month by the students itself

Certification courses

12 hours in a week dedicated to the branch specific value added certification courses

Guest Lecture

Last Academic year we conducted Guest Lectures in Physics & Math’s with subject experts from JNTUH

Preparatory Exams

Pre final exams will be conducted in the JNTU final exams pattern so that students will understand the exam pattern and their preparedness for the final battle