Affinity Clubs

Affinity Clubs

Objectives of the Practice:

The objective of establishing affinity clubs in the institute helps keep all the students engaged and also increase their intellect in their fields of choice. Students tend to lose a touch on many of their original habitat and continue in the misconception that they have to reproduce what’s in the book. Affinity clubs helps them do engineering in the ways they choose to understand rather than learn engineering increasing the quality of engineers to increase. This makes an all rounded and satisfied engineer to be produced out of our institute and contribute to the society.

The Practice

Having been blessed to have about students of 700, our sample space is a large number of colorful minds with their own similarities. Henceforth our first step to achieve our ultimate goal involved taking a survey as to which club would the students like to join and if they choose to form their own club, what they would be. This gave us a detailed idea as to what we should be providing and what they would be expecting the college to give. The next step was finding a spokes person or representatives for the clubs that were established. Both a faculty and student spokes person would be helpful in documenting and communicating the data as to how the club continues to function. The next step includes preparing a schedule as to how the clubs choose to represent, participate, or remain active. This includes on a larger forum, the events performance, the success rate in attracting audience for their events, advertising statistics, stability or increase in quality and participation of all the club members. The last step would include performance analysis. This would be the step where every club is analyses on basis of how active, how enthralling, how exciting and how relatable they remained in the working semester. This will help us understand if a specific club is meeting up to the point, it has proposed initially in its action plans or not. If a club remains low achieving for a long period of time i. e if the clubs members remain uninterested then the club can shut down if the members wish to. In the above four steps we tend to let the students choose, enjoy, socialize, expand, explore and express making our institute more student centralized.

S.No. Name of the Club Name of the Facilitator
1 Literary Intellects Club Mrs. G. Vanaja Reddy (S&H)
2 Cultural Club Dr Surekha(S&H)
3 Social Club / HAO Mrs Baby Theresa G (Mech)
5 Photography Club Mr SNS Santhosh(Mech)
6 Yoga Club S.Hanmandlu(ECE)/B.Upendra(mech)
7 Honey Bee / Palle srujana Mr.Santosh Naik(Mech)
8 Short Film Mr Morrish(Mech)
9 HITBAND-Music Club Mrs M Pallavi(ECE)
10 Youth for Seva Mr D Rahul(Mech)
11 Sports club Dr Rajesh
12 go green club Mrs K Bindu Madhavi
13 Dance club Mr Satish(Mech)

List of events under Affinity Clubs:

  • Literary Fest
  • Singing Competition
  • One Student One Tree
  • Dance Competition
  • International Yoga Day
  • Short Film Competion
  • Best Pic on Photography Day
  • Sports Fest
  • Teachers Day
  • Campus talk
  • Eco Friendly Ganesha